Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass lenses are made in all shapes and sizes for people from all walks of life. From the active business person who is running through the airport to the savvy designer plugging away at his computer. Whatever you individual needs, Metropolitan Eyecare can help you find the perfect fitting and looking eyeglass lenses.

Everyone is unique and so is their eyesight. When it comes to selecting the right lenses to match your style and personality, Metropolitan Eyecare has got you covered. Not only can we match the look you want, but we’re also experts at prescribing and developing the right eyewear to fit your optical needs.

Latest Technology

We are proud to employ the latest in digital technology. New eyeglass lenses technology allows us to customize our clients prescriptions from the front and the back of the lenses providing and unprecedented amount of clarity without added thickness. The result of our cutting edge technology is a set of eyewear that is custom made that looks great and feels even better.
Further Benefits

We take it even one step further by adding anti-reflective coatings which have been proven to minimize glare from the many digital products we employ in our daily lives. The added coating is also great for other situations which may cause eyestrain such as bright sunlight and the bright glare of oncoming headlight while you drive around your neighborhood.

Transitions® Signature Lenses

These are all about your satisfaction. These awesome lenses respond to light in a very special way. Not only do they stay clear when you are indoors, but they gradually darken when UV rays are present. The Transitions® Signature Lenses are a great choice for the active person who is tired of switching between their prescription sunglasses and and their regular lenses.

Specialty lenses

Bi-focal lenses
Tri-focal lenses
Progressive no-line bifocals
Digital lenses
Occupational bifocals

Lens Options

Premium anti-reflective coatingsOptional blue blocking filter good for computer use.
Transitions Xtractive®
Thin lens materialspolycarbonate and high-index

Tinted Lenses and Sunglass Options

Custom tinted lensesAlmost any shade available
Custom gradient tinted lensesAlmost any shade available
Polarized lenses
Mirror tints

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